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New applications in the exhibitions of the Finnish Postal Museum

Kimmo Antila, Finnish Postal Museum
I will present some case studies on the digital and physical exhibition solutions produced by the Finnish Postal Museum during the years 2014-2018 after the relocating and rebuilding of the museum. I shall give some examples on our criteria for the applications and their interfaces. I will share the successes and failures in these projects and present some cost effective ways to produce augmented reality applications, new interfaces and RFID applications for our use.

The Digital Touch: Exploring Tactile Experiences in Medicine and Museums

David Pantalony, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation
As part of the newly opened Canada Science and Technology Museum, we created an exhibit centered on medicine and the five senses. Visitors explore the role played by touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste in medicine of the past, present and future. During the winter of 2018, I taught a Digital Humanities seminar based on the touch section of the medical exhibit. Using 3D digital tools, students learned to scan the artifacts on display, as well as process, print and reinterpret these digital 3D objects at the UOttawa maker space. This case study brings together multisensory exhibits, digital skills, and teaching in museums and collections.

Collection Conservation Centre: Thinking Inside the Box

Monique Horth and Fern Proulx, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation
Currently under construction, Ingenium’s new Collections Conservation Centre – which will be nearly 36,000 m² –will house hundreds of thousands of nationally-significant artifacts, emblematic of Canadian ingenuity and our everyday experiences. The facility will include a library and archive, several conservation labs, and workshops. In addition to these, the Collection Conservation Centre will also be home to the new Digital Innovation Lab and Research Institute. In these two spaces, Ingenium hopes to work with colleagues from around the world on innovative and inspiring projects.

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Tuesday, October 16
CSTM all day