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Gamification within the Framework of Modern Museum Environment

Natalia Y. Kazakova, A.N. Kosygin Russian State University
A newly-coined but already quite widely-spread term “gamification” means applying fundamental principles and elements of game design in non-game context in order to channel a person’s attentions to create an immersive experience. The introduction of this approach enriches the learning process or internalization of cultural values by submerging a gamer in an amicable and exciting game environment, thus facilitating the acquisition of new information. Although it is also technically possible to introduce physical elements of games in museums or various display areas, the digital game environment seems to be a much more viable option when it comes to enriching cross-cultural experience in an effective and enjoyable fashion.

Museums and Games – Reaching the next Level!

Annie Jacques and Renée Racicot, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation
Digital products – whether they be video games, apps, or interactive exhibits – extend the limits of what can be presented and enhances the visitor experience at multiple levels. Yet the gaming experience is not only limited to the museum floor, as these digital products allow institutions to broaden their reach and disseminate content to users around the world. This presentation features game case studies from Ingenium that look at the use of new technologies and mainstream platforms that demonstrate how video games can be used in many diverse areas of museum practice. Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to try a selection of video games and discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding the use of these digital products.

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Tuesday, October 16
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