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Rethinking the Role of the Science Museum: The Collective Process of Remaking the Danish National Museum of Science & Technology

Jacob Thorek Jensen, Danish National Museum of Science & Technology
This presentation will share experiences and knowledge on how we are reshaping the science museum by making it more socially and culturally inclusive. We are focusing on the cultural producing processes that take place during citizens’ interaction with the physical museum or through online platforms. In doing so, we are coming up with new core narratives for the museum – taking its starting point from issues and problems related to people and society today. This also includes rethinking how we interact with our users and non-users to reflect and deal with topics relevant for different kinds of citizens.

A “Slow Museum” in the Digital Age?

Markita Franulic, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla
This presentation will examine how to connect the present state of the Museum (including social, economic and professional circumstances) with requirements of the public in the digital age. It will include the presentation of several projects that reflect the aspect of the digital museum as well as the examples of the aspect of a “slow museum” and will attempt to connect these two aspects. How does one affirm the existing values, collections and communication tools of a “slow museum” and be a museum of the digital age? – that is the question to which the presentation does not give an answer but will present ideas and projects that may lead to a solution for the strategic planning of “the museum for the 21st century”.

In the Jungle of the Digital World

Marina Bergström, Finnish Railway Museum
We want to be present in the digital lives of our customers, and think we need to be. The government, our funders and customers expect us to provide material, information and entertainment online – in our exhibitions and outside of them. We are a small museum with no expertise in digital content. Is there a way to deal with the digital jungle? Luckily, we have at least some ‘national’ solutions in Finland and some other co-operation; the Finnish Museum Association, The National Board of Antiquities, The National Library, some foundations, and our own transport and communication museums’ network Trafiikki have done great work in some digital fields to help us gain our goals.

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Monday, October 15
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