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Rover Engagement : Museum Networks and Digital Space

Dushan Horvat and Allissia Le Hénaff, Algonquin College; Ewan Reid, Mission Control Space Services Inc.
Moderator: Chris Kitzan, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation
Like the digital world they are competing with, museums need to be connectors to flourish. Connecting past, present and future. Connecting into the digital world in which we live. But most importantly, connecting communities and individuals. Isolation behind the walls is no longer an option. This panel discussion will provide an overview of the Aero/Space and Mobility network that the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is helping to build in collaboration with government, industry and academic organizations. Motivated by different objectives, but brought together by a common vision, the panelists will focus on the development of two collaborative digital pilot projects featuring space rovers — as vehicles for capturing, influencing and engaging youthful wanderers.

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Monday, October 15
CASM all day