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Vice-Director, The Danish Museum of Energy

Mrs Jytte Thorndahl is the former President of CIMUSET (2010-2016). She is responsible for Collection and Research at the National Museum of Energy in Denmark since 1987, and Vice-director of this museum between 1988 and 2017. She has a magister Artium of Social Anthropology, from the University of Aarhus in 1977, with graduated studies from Cornell University, Ithaca New York, USA 1974-1975.

She was a lecturer and teaching assistant at Social Anthropology Department of Aarhus University and external examiner at the Saxo Institute (European and general Ethnology), University of Copenhagen. Between 1985-1987 she was associated in curatorial activities at Moesgaard Museumin Århus with the exhibition ‘The Dane and the noble Savage’.(Danskeren og den ædle vilde). In 2016, she was officially approved by Ministry of Culture in Denmark as “Researcher in Cultural History”. Jytte THORNDAHL is an author of 11 books and more than 50 articles about Social Anthropology and history of science & technology.

Jytte Thorndahl was the head of the organising committee of the 36th CIMUSET conference in Denmark (25th – 31st August 2008).


The museum and the green daily life: Example from the Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark

Sustainability and green changeover are buzz words for development, not only in Denmark but also internationally. National governments, local governments and municipalities all have plans for the green changeover. But how do the citizens handle their daily life in a green and sustainable way? This is a research project that I have been carrying out for the Danish Museum of Energy in the municipality of Aarhus – which has the second largest city in Denmark. In the paper I will tell about the results of more than 30 qualitative interviews about the citizens daily life with heating, electricity, use of water, food, transport, reuse and knowledge about the green change over. The results will be used in future exhibitions at the museum.

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Wednesday October 17
CSTM all day